Our history

David Thériault (president, WSHC) and Patrice Fournier (executive vice-president, WSHC) are two visionaries who have the goal of establishing a prestigious, world-renowned championship where young people from all over the world will be able to compete with each other in a setting where respect and a spirit of camaraderie will prevail.

David Thériault has served as a referee in amateur, elite school, and semi-professional hockey leagues for over 15 years. He therefore drew on his experience to design and develop the OEA (Officiels Élite Association) refereeing program, which has the goal of training future referees. He prepares the next generation with the help of his annual refereeing school and increased academic, financial, emotional, and psychological support.


Patrice Fournier, for his part, has acquired a wealth of experience through the sport from an early age, having participated in a hockey sports-study program during his high school years. In addition, he played in the top federated elite hockey leagues until adulthood.

Passionate about international travel, Patrice fundamentally believes that the sharing and mixing of different cultures can be beneficial for the development of our future student athletes.

Patrice and David therefore decided to give back by joining forces to create the WSHC.

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