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superior refereeing quality

Since 2015, Officiels Élite Association has distinguished itself from all other federated officiating programs in the province. They officiate an average of more than 500 games per year throughout Quebec. Their compensation, per diem and transportation allowances are very competitive and the personalized relationship that OEA maintains with the officials of the group is the key to their success and reputation.  OAS takes the time to understand the strengths of each of its officials and assigns them to each referee based on their abilities and experience. The goal is to make sure that everyone has as much fun as possible during the games.  This allows for a natural progression for the younger players, while maximizing the potential of each player.

A constantly evolving network

The in-house development of officials is constantly evolving. The quality of officiating by the veterans who have been with the group for several years is a great help to newcomers joining the select group of OEA. Unlike other organizations, OEA doesn't just send referees out on the ice; they develop and coach them both physically and psychologically.

Seize the opportunity to educate

OEA prepares their young officials to deal with all kinds of situations that may arise during ice hockey game. They prioritize communication with coaches and players rather than confrontation, which greatly facilitates the smooth running of games and championships. 

Compliance with regulations

The officials of our elite select group must respect the rules of the Elite Officials Association code of ethics, which ensures compliance with the protocol . Pleasure on the ice during matches is our mission, and it is with structure and consistency that we achieve it !

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